Boys Game Schedule

2018 Boys Basketball Schedule

This Schedule is subject to change


October 8th-Monday                           Practice Begins

October 23rd 4:00-Tuesday               
Gunnison@CMS   (2 Courts)
                                                               7th@ CMS  7B-Blue, 7A
                                                               8th@CMS   8B, 8A

 October 27th 8:00-Saturday                Game Day
                                                                8A & 8B @CMS (2 Courts)
                                                                7B@OMS Blue & White

October 30th 4:00-Tuesday                 7th@CMS 7B White, 7B-Blue, 7A
                                                                8th@CTMS 8B, 8A

 November 1st 4:00 Thursday             7th & 8th A@Hotchkiss 7B White, 7A, 8A

November 6th 4:00-Tuesday               7th@CMS 7B Blue, 7A
                                                              8th@ Cedaredge 8B, 8A

November 8th 4:00-Thursday             7th@OMS 7B White, 7A
                                                               8th@CMS 8B, 8A

 November 10th-8:00-Saturday           Game Day (No Olathe) Inc CB
                                                                7A and 8A @ Gunnison
                                                                7B@CMS Blue & White

 November 13th-4:00-Tuesday            7th@Delta 7B Blue, 7B White, 7A
                                                               8th@CMS 8B, 8A

 November 15th-4:00-Thursday          7th @Paonia 7A, 7B Blue
                                                               8th@CMS 8B, 8A Canceled

November 17th-8:00-Saturday           League Tournament            
                                                               7A@ CTMS
                                                               7B@ CMS Blue & White
                                                               8A@ OMS
                                                               8B@ Gunnison


*Weekday games start at 4:00 with B teams playing 1st and A teams immediately following unless otherwise noted. We will be using both courts on Oct 23rd & Oct 27th.

Please note this game schedule is subject to change.