Basketball - Boys

Welcome to the 2019 Columbine Ram Boys Basketball Home Page!

For the week of 11/18 - 11/23 our teams will face Delta (8th at home - 7th at Delta) on Tuesday and our final league tournament will be on Saturday.

 This week's practice rotation will be 8th Grade after school followed by the 7th Graders at 5:15. 

Tournament Schedules

7B at Gunnison
Middle School Gym
Game 1 8:00 -- CMS vs. Gunnison
Elem. Gym
Game 2 8:00 -- Crested Butte vs. Olathe
Middle School Gym
Game 3 (Approx.) 9:00 -- CTMS vs Winner G2
Elem. Gym
Game 4 (Approx.) 10:00 (Consolation) Loser G1 vs. Loser G3
Middle School Gym
Game 5 (Approx.) 10:00 (Championship) Winner G1 vs. Winner G3

7A at CTMS
Game 1 8:00 -- Gunnison vs. CTMS
Game 2 (Approx.) 9:00 -- Crested Butte vs. Olathe
Game 3 (Approx.) 10:00 -- CMS vs. Winner G2
Game 4 (Approx.) 11:00 -- (Championship) Winner G3 vs. Winner G1
Game 5 (Approx.) 12:00 -- (Consolation) Loser G1 vs. Loser G3

8B at CMS (Two Courts)
North Court
Game 1 8:00 -- CTMS White vs. Olathe
Game 3 (Approx.) 9:00 -- CTMS Gray vs. Winner G1
Game 5 (Approx.) 10:00 -- (Consolation) Loser G3 vs. Loser G4

South Court
Game 2 8:00 -- CTMS Maroon vs. Gunnison
Game 4 (Approx.) 9:00 -- CMS vs. Winner G2
Game 6 (Approx.) 10:00 (Championship) Winner G3 vs. Winner G4

8A at Olathe
Game 1 8:00 -- CTMS vs. Olathe
Game 2 (Approx.) 9:00 -- Gunnison vs. Crested Butte
Game 3 (Approx.) 10:00 -- CMS vs. Winner G2
Game 4 (Approx.) 11:00 -- (Consolation) Loser G3 vs. Loser G1
Game 5 (Approx.) 12:00 -- (Championship) Winner G3 vs. Winner G1

Please remember that if you plan of taking your player home after the game they must be signed out by the legal guardian or prior arrangements must be made with Mr. Gaber. 

7th grade "B" Teams -- Mr. Braaten
7th grade "A" Team -- Mr. Maloney

8th grade "B" Teams -- Mr. Peterson
8th grade "A" Team -- Mr. Killen

  Game Day and Tournament Pricing
Concessions will be available