In response to recent developments with the COVID-19 situation state and nationwide, and under direction from the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), all spring sports practice and games and CHSAA sponsored activities are suspended through April 6th.  This includes the cancellation of the middle school wrestling season.  You may view the notification here.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Steve Gaber AP/AD at Columbine Middle School.

First Week of Regular Season practice: February 3rd-7th

  • Regular Season Practice Time: Monday-Friday: 4:00-5:30

Please have your physicals and packets turned in to the office before Feb 3rd.

Welcome to the 2020 Columbine Middle School wrestling season.  I am your head coach Neil Samples. Assisting me will be Bryant Hunter & Kevin Snyder. Our goal as coaches is to create an environment that allows you to not only grow as a wrestler but also as an all-around athlete. Wrestling is sport that teaches you self-motivation, self-respect, and self-reliance. It is an individual sport where success is determined by how bad you as an individual want it.  It is also a team sport in that; success is often achieved by the work ethic of your teammates.

 With that said, by joining this team you are committing yourself to the expectations of the team. We expect you to be at practice every day and when you are at practice, we expect you to work hard and stay focused. Being potential high school wrestlers, we want you to be prepared for the high school room. We will start with the basics of wrestling and we will eventually work into moves and techniques that will make you a successful wrestler at all levels. If you stay focused you will get better.

 We will also have some fun. The middle school season is short and there is a lot to learn. However, practices are tough, and a little fun is needed to break it up. Don’t expect to play games every day but we will throw some games in every now and then.

 Lastly, wrestling competitions are a long drawn out process. In my opinion, this is the worst part about wrestling!  I wish there was a solution to this, but all of our competitions are tournaments and it is part of the sport.

 In order to participate in CMS wrestling you must have an athletic physical on file and your athletic fee needs to be paid. This can be taken care of in the front office.

 We look forward to the upcoming season and we hope you are ready to work hard and have some fun.

 Thank you,

Coach Samples

Neil Samples – Head Coach

Bryant Hunter – Assistant Coach

Kevin Snyder – Assistant Coach