Girls Basketball Game Schedule

2021 Girls Basketball Schedule


February 11th-Thursday     7th@ CTMS (Pomona)

                                                8th@ CMS


February 24th-Wednesday 7th B & 8th B vs. OMS @CMS 

                                                7th A & 8th A no games


March 2nd-Tuesday             7th @ CTMS (Pomona)

                                                8th@CMS – CTMS Home Game


March 4th-Thursday            7th B & 8th B @ OMS (Elementary school) 

                                                7th A & 8th A vs. CTMS @ CMS


*Weekday games start at 4:00 with B teams playing the 1st game and A teams playing 30 minutes after the conclusion of the B game. 

Schedule is subject to change