2019 Columbine Rams Football Schedule
                                                    2019 Football Schedule

**This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change**


August 22nd- Thursday                         Optional Football Workout (Not Mandatory) 3:45 to 5:30



August 23rd- Friday                                Practice Begins     3:50 – 5:45



September 5th- Thursday                    Olathe @CMS(Scrimmage)



September 10th- Tuesday                    North Fork @CMS



September 19th- Thursday                  CMS @Gunnison 



September 24th- Tuesday                    CMS @Delta



September 26th- Thursday                 Cedaredge @CMS



October 3rd- Thursday                           CMS @CTMS



*All weekday games begin at 4:00. 7thwill play 1stwith the 8thgrade game immediately following unless otherwise noted.

Home Games are Highlighted in yellow.